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by Nicholas Demski, Staff Writer for Terpenes and Testing Magazine and Extraction Magazine

High school was a troubling time for some. The jocks without the best athletic shoes weren’t much of jocks at all. The girls without the nicest clothes would be looked down upon. The band members had to march in the blistering sun all summer long. It was a rough time all around. Except, however, for the jocks with the best gear, the girls with the nicest clothes, and the band members who don’t mind sweat. The people in those groups had some undefined superiority over the others. We’re seeing a similar dynamic unfold in the cannabis industry, but it’s far less nefarious (albeit no less exclusive).

It’s the dynamic that appears when comparing the final products of different extraction techniques. Now, this post isn’t written to bash on any of the other extraction techniques that create some awesome products. However, there is something uniquely intriguing about short path distillation. That’s why, when someone asks me what extraction method creates the purest final products, I tell them that it’s short path distillation.

However, there’s one little caveat: I want to see the products ran through the distillation process a couple of times. To understand why, let’s take a quick look at how short path distillation isolates cannabinoids and other plant compounds.

Short path distillation uses a complicated arrangement of tubes, pipes, heating units, cooling chambers, collection beakers, and more. A typical set up looks a bit stereotypical (of course that’s what a chemistry lab looks like!), but how it functions is what makes it so unique.

“The best part of these gorgeous, gooey extracts is that they don’t have to be processed with potentially harmful chemicals.”

By slowly heating cannabis, short path distillation can progressively and accurately separate out cannabinoids. As the compounds slowly evaporate, the vapor is condensed and deposited into collection beakers that accumulate only what vaporizes at a certain temperature. The end result is almost perfectly separated plant compounds in the form of beautiful extraction goos.

Running it twice can isolate the compounds and remove impurities even further. A third run could create an extract that’s virtually pure cannabinoids.

The best part of these gorgeous, gooey extracts is that they don’t have to be processed with potentially harmful chemicals like butane. The consumer knows full well when they purchase concentrate created through short path distillation that they are getting a product that not only looks incredible but is likely much healthier than some other cannabis products out there. Consider the fact that short path distillation isolates cannabinoids and easily removes things such as waxes and plant lipids from the final extraction.

Beyond the cannabinoids, it’s also possible to isolate terpenes through the same process. That means that, when isolating cannabinoids, lost terpenes can be reintroduced in the process since they can also be captured during the short path distillation process.

Cannabinoids don’t exclude terpenes as though they’re going through Short Path Distillation High School. Everyone gets along with this uniquely purifying extraction method.

Have you tried any cannabis products that were created through short path distillation? How do you think they compare to more conventional extracts? Let us know in the comments!

Herb Approach

Here is what you want to know before visiting your regional medical dispensary:You may need a physician’s recommendation, medical cannabis certification, and/or whatever proper documentation is needed by your state. Ordinarily, you need to be 18 or older to qualify for a medical consent, but exceptions may be made in some states for minors with especially debilitating problems. You will usually enroll with a medicinal dispensary. This is to maintain your medical cannabis recommendation or certification on file for legal and regulatory purposes. There’ll be a waiting room. This will be to control the flow of product and patients, but a simple dividing wall also gives patients privacy and direct one-on-one contact with a budtender to discuss medical issues. This procedure can help budtenders and patients monitor effective medicine in addition to have a living record of manufacturers and products for future reference and follow up. Medicinal dispensaries usually permit you to smell and analyze the buds before buy. This may vary from state-to-state.

Yes, municipal approval is necessary before the AGLC will issue a retail cannabis license. Applicants must get in touch with their planned municipality to find out requirements regarding municipal retail cannabis laws, zoning requirements, land-use restrictions, and place requirements concerning how near a retail shop is to a provincial medical care centre, school, or parcel of land designated as a college reserve.
Keep non-medical cannabis legal Adults that are 19 decades or older are able to:Have up to 30 g of legal dried cannabis or the equivalent on their own person. Share up to 30 g of legal cannabis with other adults in Canada. Purchase cannabis goods from a Yukon Liquor Corporation licensed merchant. Grow up to four crops per family. It’s illegal to present non-medical cannabis to anyone below the age of 19 and also for anybody below the age of 19 to have any quantity of non-medical cannabis in Yukon.It is dangerous and illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis or other intoxicants.

Herb Approach

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