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Success of marijuana march 2019 in Madrid

Success of the 23rd edition of the march of marijuana held in the Gran Vía de Madrid this Saturday May 11, 2019, to request the regularization of marijuana.

Thousands of protesters arrived from Spain and other countries of the world gathered to celebrate this march.

The demonstration passed peacefully with cries of "The Gran Vía smells like Maria" or "A porrito is not a crime".

During the march a sitting was organized to chat and smoke. The march was accompanied at all times by green, white and black balloons as well as banners asking for the regularization of marijuana, its therapeutic and recreational consumption.

"It has been shown that it is a regulated thing that is better than forbidden," said Javier Miravete, spokesman for the Federation of Cannabis Associations of the Levant and president of an association.

Javier Puig pointed out that "Now is a moment of politically favorable winds. They have to respond to the votes they have received. " He was also in favor of the WHO report requesting the removal of marijuana from the list of dangerous drugs. Declaring that "If WHO decides this, who and with what criteria can go against this recommendation".

"I think that each person should be free to choose when to smoke, but without abusing it," says an anonymous user, because he says that "if it were not forbidden, it would be much better treated."

Opinions have also been shown demanding more control, and knowing the origin and fate of marijuana. As well as paying the taxes that the Government creates corresponding to create a regulation where everyone wins.


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