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There are a plethora of dispensaries in most states that have legalized adult-use cannabis, and the most populated cities in these states will often have the most. At one point, there were more dispensaries/cannabis retail shops in Portland than there were Starbucks and McDonald’s combined. While that figure may have changed, you can still find a cannabis retail shop almost every 1000 feet (per compliance) in most parts of the city and for many it might be hard to discern which ones are the best. Enter Jayne: the cannabis retail shop you want to take your mother, or father, or grandmother or anyone who you want to ensure a good cannabis purchasing experience, to do their canna-shopping. This shop has beautiful aesthetic, educated and caring budtenders, and carries the highest (pun intended!!) quality of cannabis products and accessories for their customers.

Jayne not only does all the things you would want and hope for at a cannabis retail shop, but also all the other things. Most recently, they have been involved in planning and sponsoring the Lady Business events, a cross-platform educational series on cannabis, sexual health, and philanthropy.

The lobby at Jayne, complete with wallpaper, a comfy seating area, candy, and a shadow box of preroll art!

So, how does a cannabis retail shop create an environment with great service AND a selection of products at a price that will satisfy both the budget minded and cannabis connoisseurs alike? I got to pick the brain of Briana Burke, Manager of Jayne, to find out.

Leah Maurer (LM): How long have you been with Jayne?

Briana Burke (BB): I have been with Jayne since the beginning. We opened our doors in November 2015.

LM: What sets Jayne aside from the dozens of other cannabis retail shops in Portland?

BB: With Jayne, the goal was to be more than a retail location. We aim to be a long-standing member in this community and our philanthropy and community service is the key separating factor between Jayne and other cannabis retail shops.

LM: Tell me a few things about the mission and vision of the company.

BB: Jayne’s mission is to serve the community, not just our customers. Our customers support us because we serve the community.

LM: Why did Jayne choose to co-sponsor the Lady Business series?

BB: Lady Biz encompasses several things I am passionate about…sexual health and awareness, cannabis and philanthropy. So, it was a natural fit!

You can learn more about Jayne here, and you can learn more about the rest of the Lady Business event series here.

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Here is what you need to know before visiting your local medical dispensary:You may need a doctor’s recommendation, medical cannabis certificate, or whatever appropriate documentation is needed by your condition. Typically, you must be 18 or older to qualify for a medical consent, but exceptions may be made in some states for minors with particularly debilitating conditions. You will usually enroll with a medicinal dispensary. This is to maintain your medical cannabis recommendation or certification on file for regulatory and legal purposes. There’ll be a waiting room. This will be to control the circulation of product and patients, but a straightforward dividing wall gives patients solitude and direct one-on-one contact with a budtender to discuss medical problems. This procedure can assist budtenders and patients track effective medication in addition to have a living listing of manufacturers and products for future reference and follow up. Medicinal dispensaries usually allow you to smell and examine the buds prior to purchase. This may differ from state-to-state.

Yes, municipal approval is necessary prior to the AGLC will subject a retail cannabis license. Applicants must get in touch with their intended municipality to find out requirements concerning municipal retail cannabis legislation, zoning requirements, land-use restrictions, and place requirements concerning how near a retail store is to a provincial health care facility, school, or parcel of property designated as a college reserve.
Keep non-medical cannabis legal Adults that are 19 years or older are in a position to:Possess up to 30 gram of authorized dried cannabis or the equivalent in their own person. Share up to 30 gram of legal cannabis along with other adults in Canada. Purchase cannabis products from a Yukon Liquor Corporation licensed merchant. Grow up to four plants per household. It’s illegal to provide non-medical cannabis to anyone under the age of 19 and also for anyone below the age of 19 to possess any quantity of anti inflammatory cannabis in Yukon.It is illegal and dangerous to drive while under the influence of cannabis or other intoxicants.

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