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In this article we will explain how to roll joints in different ways. We are going to use two types of papers, the normal size paper and the L size paper.


It can be done with both normal-sized papers, and with two L-type papers.

It is well known to all, but the famous L has different “techniques” of creation:

1.- We glue two papers together with the rubber strips, managing to form a straight line:

How to roll joints

2.- We paste a third paper, on the back of the first two, just centered in the middle, to avoid the “mix” coming out of the gap between them.

How to roll joints

3.- We add the “magic” mixture and the filter:

How to roll joints

4.- We roll up, normally

How to roll joints

5.- Enjoy!

How to roll joints


Easy and simple to do, but at the same time surprising:

1.- We glue two papers, at an angle of 45º as in the image:

How to roll joints

2.- We add the “magic” mixture and the filter.

How to roll joints

3.- To roll it, paste the first paper …

How to roll joints

4.- Now it's the second paper's turn, wrap it around to close the end:

How to roll joints

5.- Enjoy!

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<p style=THE HIDDEN

This "model" allows some discretion, but does not remove the smell 😉

1.- We glue two papers, creating a square:

2.- For this step we need a cigar, we take out the filter (the best way is to squeeze its base and rotate it between the index fingers and thumb for a while). The filter will separate and you can pull it.

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<p style=3.- We replace the filter with the nozzle:


4.- Cut the cigar in two, use a cutter to make it as clean as possible. The cut must be about 1 cm away from the filter:


5.- Remove the tobacco that has been left in the part of the filter, put it on top of the papers, and add the “magic” mixture:


6.- Roll up leaving the protruding filter:


7.- If you have completed the steps correctly, enjoy!

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Its shape reminds of the tulip, and is worthy of making and smoking:

1.- Paste two papers as in the "double", or a large one and use a pencil to create its inner diameter in the form of a tube:

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<p>2.- Pick up two more papers and glue them together to form a square:</p>
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3.- Fold the corner A over the corner B, so you will form a triangle (keep in mind that the paste must be “uncovered”):


4.- We are almost done, now just moisten the strip and fold it to seal the triangle. The result should be a crushed paper cone:

2. 3

5.- You open the cone, and introduce the “magic” mix:


6.- With care and little by little … go gathering the mouth of the cone:


7.- Enter through that opening the “pipe” that we have made in step 1:


8.- Finally, use a thread or a rubber band around the opening, trying to make it as tight as possible:


9.- Enjoy!

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Larger and more like the Tulip, but a little more complicated to do:

1.- We glue two large papers of L to form a square:


2.- Fold the corner A over the B to form a triangle, leaving the rubberized strip exposed:


3.- We wet the strip and fold it to close the triangle:


4.- Open the “cone” and fill it with our “magic” mix:


5.- We take two large papers and paste them at an angle of 45º:


6.- We introduce the “magic” mixture and the filter:

3. 4

7.- Liamos the papers, creating a kind of fat cone:


8 .- Now comes the delicate, carefully cut the excess paper of the fat joint, and join the cone we made in step 4 with strips of gummed paper (cut them out of the papers):


9.- Enjoy!

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Liar .. and fly …

1.- Paste two papers to create a square:


2.- Take a third piece of paper and paste it at the end of the other two:


3.- Place the filter and the “magic” mixture:


4.- Bind normally, and turn at the end to secure the third role well:


5.- Enjoy!

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Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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