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How to decarboxilate your herb before cooking it

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In crude, the Cannabis contains a lot of THCA that is not psychoactive (And what is the funny thing about that?). When you smoke grass, the THCA molecule loses its carboxylic group (COOH) in the form of water vapor and carbon dioxide and becomes THC. The THCA becomes THC and cannabis becomes psychoactive. This process is called decarboxylation.

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When you smoke or vaporize marijuana, cannabis is decarboxylated by heat. If you want to cook with cannabis and you want a full psychoactive effect, you need to decarbish your cannabis first before cooking it.


The lower the temperature, the longer it will take to decarboxilate cannabis. Keep in mind that a lower temperature will allow less terpenes to be lost.

What are terpenes?

The terpenes are the Acrid oils that color your cannabis with distinctive flavors such as berries, mint, citrus and pines. There are many medicinal benefits in the terpenes; Some will relieve stress successfully, while others will promote focus and awareness.

Table: Temperatures decarboxylation and Times

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Decarboxylation methods:

Advice: Crush cannabis first! A good shredding will allow your grass to dry evenly, without losing power.


  • Preheat the oven (see table above). Use an oven thermometer to check the temperature.
  • Sprinkle the cannabis in a cake pan and then cover well with silver foil folding the foil along the edge of the plate.
  • Introduce in the oven (see table above) – less time for the drier grass, more time for fresh material.
  • After the necessary time, turn off the oven and remove the cannabis. Allow it to cool slowly before unsealing the container to allow any cannabinoid / terpene vapor to be reabsorbed into the cannabis.

Keif / Hash

  • Preheat the oven (see table)
  • Sprinkle hashish / Keith on a plate, cover with aluminum foil and crimp it along the edge of the plate. Place the sealed plate in the oven (see table).
  • Remove the plate and allow it to cool slowly without removing the cover to prevent the vapors from being reabsorbed in the cannabis.

Boiling method in bag:

  • Place the cannabis flower / Keif / hash in a heat-resistant cooking bag. Seal it
  • Put in boiling water for 90 minutes. Make sure the water does not dry out.
  • Take out the bag of water. Let it cool before opening slowly.

Cannabis oil

  • Place a container of heat-resistant cannabis oil in a kitchen oil bath (rapeseed oil works well). Heat the cooking oil to 121C / 250F.
  • Remove the cannabis oil to dissolve the bubbles.
  • Remove cannabis oil from the fire when the formation of bubbles begins to decrease – or leave on fire until all the bubbles stop to increase the sedative effect.


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Here is what you need to know before seeing your local medical dispensary:You may require a doctor’s recommendation, medical cannabis certificate, or whatever proper documentation is required by your condition. Ordinarily, you must be 18 or older to be eligible for a medical authorization, but exceptions could be made in some states for minors with especially debilitating problems. You will usually register with a medicinal dispensary. This is to keep your medical cannabis recommendation or certification on file for legal and regulatory purposes. There will be a waiting space. This is to control the circulation of patients and product, but a straightforward dividing wall also gives patients solitude and direct one-on-one contact with a budtender to candidly discuss medical problems. This process can help budtenders and patients monitor effective medication as well as possess a living listing of manufacturers and goods for future reference and follow-up. Medicinal dispensaries usually allow you to smell and examine the buds prior to purchase. This may differ from state-to-state.

DOES AN APPLICANT NEED MUNICIPAL APPROVAL BEFORE RECEIVING A RETAIL CANNABIS LICENSE? Yes, municipal approval is required before the AGLC will issue a retail cannabis license. Applicants must get in touch with their intended municipality to learn requirements regarding municipal retail cannabis laws, zoning requirements, land-use limitations, and place requirements regarding how near a retail store can be into a provincial health care centre, school, or parcel of land designated as a school reserve.
Keep non-medical cannabis legal Adults that are 19 decades or older are able to:Possess up to 30 g of authorized dried cannabis or the equivalent on their person. Share up to 30 g of legal cannabis with other adults in Canada. Buy cannabis products from a Yukon Liquor Corporation licensed merchant. Grow up to four crops per household. It is illegal to provide non invasive cannabis to anyone under the age of 19 and for anyone under the age of 19 to have any amount of non-medical cannabis in Yukon.It is illegal and dangerous to drive while under the influence of cannabis or other intoxicants.

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