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Hundreds of Minnesotans who support the full legalization of Cannabis will gather at the state Capitol tomorrow, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:00 AM – 4:50 PM for Full Legalization Day on the Hill to lobby, rally and hold a press conference.

The MN Campaign for Full Legalization has written a comprehensive full legalization bill, H.F. 2285, also known as the “Full Legalization Act,” but affectionately referred to as the “People’s Bill” by supporters. H.F. 2285 was introduced in the House on Monday, March 11 by chief author, Representative Jay Xiong. Senator Sandy Pappas signed on as the chief author of the companion bill in the Senate yesterday, Tuesday, March 12. Tomorrow, Thursday, March 14, legalization advocates will canvass all 201 offices of Minnesota state legislators to lobby for the People’s Bill, identify the positions of all 134 Representatives and 67 Senators on ending prohibition and fully legalizing Cannabis before staging  a rally in the Capitol Rotunda, and finally holding a press conference there where advocates will stand with the authors to discuss their legislation and the path to legalization.

Saint Paul, Minnesota —

Here’s our program schedule:

1.    10:00 AM – 11:00 AM:  Legalization advocates will meet outside of the Governor’s office for an orientation and discussion of the FLD schedule.

2.    11:00 AM – 1:00 PM  We will canvass all 201 offices of Minnesota state legislators.

3.    2:00 PM – 4:00 PM:  The Full Legalization Day Rally will happen in the Capitol Rotunda where a roster of speakers will testify about how prohibition is the problem, not Cannabis, and discuss the imperatives of full legalization, which include (I) respect for personal freedom, (II) increasing public safety, (III) improving public health, and (IV) creating economic development statewide.

4.    4:20 PM – 4:50 PM:  We will hold a brief press conference to announce the introduction of the Full Legalization Act AKA the “People’s Bill.” Representative Jay Xiong is the chief author of H.F. 2285, and yesterday, Senator Sandy Pappas signed on as the chief author of the companion bill, which will be introduced this week and assigned a S.F. #. Hundreds of legalization supporters will stand behind and beside these visionary, courageous legislators to inform the legislature and press that the legalization movement did not die in the Senate Judiciary committee hearing on Monday.


The MN Campaign for Full Legalization is a nonprofit 501c4 Cannabis legalization advocacy organization. Our mission is to end “marijuana” prohibition, fully legalize an adult personal use Cannabis industry, establish home growing rights and repair victims of unjust prohibition laws. We’re a volunteer dependent organization working to organize a statewide grassroots movement of voters in all Minnesota state legislative districts to advocate for full legalization at the state legislature, provide public education about the harms of prohibition and benefits of full legalization, and influence election outcomes.

During the past year with barely any money and no paid staff we have 1) commissioned public opinion polling, 2) recruited volunteers and conducted Caucus trainings, 3) published a voter guide, 4) registered voters, 5) endorsed candidates to influence the election outcomes, and 6) we are developing the Cannabis Count, which is our record of the positions of Minnesota state legislators on ending prohibition and fully legalizing Cannabis, 7) we have drafted model legislation that we have used to write a comprehensive full legalization bill that we are using as both an advocacy and organizing tool, 8) we are lobbying our state legislators and Governor with the Full Legalization Act, 9) we are advocating in the media with facts and stories of people as adversely affected by prohibition, and 10) we are traveling throughout the state to engage communities to educate the public and recruit volunteer leaders in every state legislative district to help us build a powerful coalition to achieve our mission.

“We are organizing a statewide grassroots movement to overcome the lack of political will in the state legislature with a growing, resounding public demand for full legalization. Tomorrow we are going to the Capitol to make our voices heard, to inform the legislature that we are not taking no for an answer when it comes to the need to urgently end Cannabis prohibition. There are more than 500,000 adult Minnesotan Cannabis consumers who live in fear of being criminalized over a healing plant that makes us feel better, and kills no one who simply want to live free. The Senate judiciary committee’s decision to kill the first full legalization bill to ever receive a committee hearing on Monday, i.e. SF 619, made most Minnesotans lose hope. We are lobbying and rallying at the Capitol tomorrow because a better full legalization bill has been introduced, one written by and for Cannabis consumers, and we are going to mobilize thousands of voters between now and the next legislative session to lobby for the People’s Bill, and beginning at the end of this session, we will be organizing statewide to prepare to hold Prohibitionists accountable in the 2020 elections,” said Marcus Harcus, executive director of the MN Campaign for Full Legalization.

For more info text / or call mh at 763-760-2695 or e-mail marcus@legalizeitmn.com

Herb Approach

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DOES AN APPLICANT NEED MUNICIPAL APPROVAL BEFORE RECEIVING A RETAIL CANNABIS LICENSE? Yes, municipal approval is necessary before the AGLC will issue a retail cannabis license. Applicants must get in contact with their planned municipality to learn requirements regarding municipal retail cannabis laws, zoning requirements, land-use restrictions, and location requirements concerning how close a retail store is to a provincial medical care centre, college, or parcel of land designated as a college book.
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