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Discover the different cannabis cultivation techniques to increase production

Are you interested increase production of your crops? exist cannabis cultivation techniques to increase productionn, well known by experienced growers, such as the SOG (Sea of ​​green) and the SCROG (Screen of Green).

Thanks to them, we managed to increase the production of our crops, but also these types of procedures are more complex and take more work.

These types of methods achieve homogeneous heights, allowing all plants to receive light equally, taking full advantage of the space and light energy of our focus.

What is the SCROG?

One of the cannabis cultivation techniques to increase the production of our indoor, is the SCROG (Screen Of Green), which is translated into Spanish as "Green screen", because the mesh that is placed ends up completely covered by the plants.

Thanks to the network we place, shortens apical growth and favors the development of secondary branches, increasing the development of new outbreaks.

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How to perform a SCROG?

Depending on the number of plants that we put in a beginning, it will take more or less time to cover the mesh, the fewer plants put in more growth time they will need to cover the net. The most common is to use 1 to 5 plants per square meter.

We put the mesh about 30 cm Above the pots, this space allows the plant to branch out the secondary branches and provides us with a space for us to perform our cultivation tasks.

When the branches cross the network, it's time to redirect them, for this we lower the branch through the same hole and pass it a couple of positions. It is very important that you always take it out of the hole in which it is and do not fold it over, you would only get it to end by splitting the stem in two.

Yes the branch is not kept in the next hole, we can choose to fasten it with a string to the mesh.

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The Previous process we owe it repeat continuously, until fill 60% in case of sativas and 80% in those of indica dominance. The plants to pass to flowering (pre-flowering), continue to develop and double their size, is when the network is finished filling.

What are the benefits of SCROG?

  1. Increase in crop production, using a smaller number of plants per square meter.
  2. Control of plant height, including the purest sativas that can triple their height.
  3. We can have an exhaustive control of the production, since all the flowers are above the mesh, we can check their status and quality at all times.
  4. Reduction of cultivation expenses. By using a smaller number of plants, we will save on seeds, substrate, fertilizers and water.
  5. Being all the tips of the plants at the same height, we optimize the light energy of the light bulb.
  6. It is an ideal technique for small spaces, especially those with a limited height.
  7. A quality crop, the majority of flowers are of a good size, the well-known low buds hardly appear.

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Tips to perform a SGROG correctly:

Once the plant grow about 20 cm, we made a apical pruning or FIM, we favor the development of secondary branches facilitating their filling.

During the pre-flowering, we will perform a low pruning eliminating all the outbreaks where the light will not reach, getting the aerial part to take advantage of all the light energy.

Regular seeds will never be used for a SCROG, it would be a big problem to have to take out an enmeshed male, once flowering has already begun. In addition, we would lose production by leaving that gap without a plant.

We can do it with feminized photodependent plants or cuttings, being the cuttings of the same mother the ideal, in this way they will grow equally and all will have the same needs.

If we grow from seed, which is always the same variety, it will greatly facilitate cultivation. All plants will have very similar nutritional needs and harvest times.

Plants with pure sativa or sativa predominance tend to adapt better to SCROG, because they branch more and adapt better to pruning. This technique helps us control the height of sativas in indoor crops. Two varieties of the catalog by Buddha Seeds that give good results with this method are Quasar and Pulsar.

The use of preventives is essential, because due to the large accumulation of foliage and flowers it can favor the appearance of pests (red spider, white fly, thrips …) and fungi (oidium, mildew, botrytis …). Cleaning in the crop is essential to prevent all types of pests, fungi and viruses.

Have you tried it yet? If not, you can access our Budhha Seeds page, choose the variety that best suits you and start growing your first SCROG. If you have any questions about the SCROGLeave us a comment on the blog and we will be happy to help you out.

When you start your SCROG with our varieties, you can send us your photos or mention us in your social networks, we will love to see your crops.

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