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As much as we all love consuming cannabis, we don’t always love the odor that comes along with it. Whether you are smoking, dabbing, vaping, or cooking with cannabis, you will inevitably have a (potentially) undesirable and always stigmatized and recognizable odor along with it. However, this should not deter you from using cannabis, because Cannabolish can be your hero!

Stoners have been lighting candles and incense and using sprays of all kinds to mask or cover up the cannabis odor for decades, but what sets Cannabolish apart from these traditional stoner hacks is that it actually eliminates the odor molecules when it comes in contact with them. Ironically, Cannabolish is plant-powered, which is unique and far more helpful in terms of odor elimination when compared to other products on the market. Available in both a spray and a candle, the scientifically-proven formula ensures the odor is fully eliminated. As many of us know, terpenes are the pungent oils that develop during the flowering stages of a cannabis plants growth and are responsible for the taste and experience of consumption AND as the signature odor that can linger for hours after use. While some products try to just mask the smell, Cannabolish instead fights terpenes with terpenes using a proprietary plant-based, biodegradable blend.

Formulated by OMI Industries, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly odor elimination solutions, Cannabolish products are the company’s first dip into the cannabis sector. OMI Industries has over 30 years of expertise in the development of natural odor eliminators for use in industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.

“Cannabolish products were made specifically with the cannabis consumer in mind, and engineered to remove cannabis smoke odor molecules in the home and on-the-go,” said Melinda Adamec, Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development for OMI Industries.

Even skeptics end up enjoying the Cannabolish products, and rave reviews from platforms like The Stoner Mom just keep popping up. Satisfied customers have said things like, “I would continuously get chastised from friends and family who don’t smoke and have tried air fresheners and sprays and got no results! This little bottle of magic instantly removed the smoke smell,” and, “this product works wonders by eliminating any bit of odor. I spray this in the air and there is no longer any hint that a smoker lives in the house!”

After our own assessment and reviewing of both the spray and the candle, we have come up with the top 3 ways that Cannabolish can be your canna-hero:

  1. Travel: Going to visit the in-laws? Staying at an Airbnb for a work trip? Cannabolish has a TSA compliant travel spray that will save you any anxiety or concerns you might have about letting on to your cannabis use while you travel. The spray will remove the odor of any kind of cannabis smell and your host will never even know you brought it along with you.

  2. House guests: Are YOU the host? Do you have family visiting from out of town or is it your turn to have the book club over? If you’re not quite ready to have the cannabis conversation with these folks or even if you are and want a fresh (and not dank) smelling house, Cannabolish is here for you! Light that candle and give a few sprays and viola, book club is saved!

  3. Roommates/family members: Not everyone may share your love of cannabis (roommates), and not all parents are ready to talk with their children, or older parents, about their cannabis use. Cannabolish is your go-to helper on your checklist of items such as locking up your cannabis and cannabis accessories, eye drops, breath mints, and whatever else you are employing in order to help you feel comfortable with your cannabis use at home. Rather than smelling the smoke, your co-living counterparts will be delighted by the fresh botanical blend of scents that Cannabolish products emit during their odor absorption magic.

Ready for this canna-hero to save the day? Outside of Amazon, Cannabolish is carried in several partner dispensaries such as Chalice Farms in Oregon, LivWell and The Clinic in Colorado, The Lighthouse in California. You can also order directly from their website here.

Herb Approach

Here’s what you want to know before visiting your local medical dispensary:You will need a physician’s recommendation, medical cannabis certificate, and/or whatever proper documentation is needed by your state. Ordinarily, you must be 18 or older to qualify for a medical consent, but exceptions could be made in some states for minors with particularly debilitating conditions. You will often enroll with a medicinal dispensary. This is to keep your medical cannabis recommendation or certification on file for regulatory and legal purposes. There will be a waiting space. This will be to control the flow of patients and product, but a simple dividing wall also gives patients privacy and direct one-on-one contact using a budtender to discuss medical problems. Many times, but not necessarily, your purchases will be monitored by medical dispensaries. This process can assist budtenders and patients monitor effective medication in addition to possess a living record of producers and products for future reference and follow up. Medicinal dispensaries usually permit you to smell and analyze the buds prior to purchase. This may vary from state-to-state.

Yes, municipal approval is required prior to the AGLC will subject a retail cannabis license. Applicants must get in touch with their planned municipality to find out requirements regarding municipal retail cannabis laws, zoning requirements, land-use restrictions, and location requirements regarding how near a retail shop is to a provincial medical care centre, college, or parcel of property designated as a college reserve.
Keep non-medical cannabis legal Adults that are 19 years or older are in a position to:Possess up to 30 gram of authorized dried cannabis or the equivalent in their own person. Share up to 30 g of legal cannabis with other adults in Canada. Buy cannabis goods from a Yukon Liquor Corporation licensed merchant. Grow up to four plants per family. It is illegal to present non invasive cannabis to anyone under the age of 19 and also for anybody under the age of 19 to have any quantity of anti inflammatory cannabis in Yukon.It is illegal and dangerous to drive while under the influence of cannabis or other intoxicants.

Herb Approach

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