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Cannabis video game Weedcraft Inc – The business and cultivation of cannabis

This cannabis videogame is focused on the cultivation of the marijuana plant and its business maintaining relationships with employees, customers, police, politicians or competitors.

It has been created by the Vile Monarch studio and distributed by Devolver Digital. They have also chosen a good time for its launch because it is a topical issue.

History of the Cannabis Video Game Weedcraft Inc.

The game begins with two brothers who became business partners in the US. It has different scenarios with different levels of legalization. From startups in a garage dodging the police to large corporations rivaling politicians who stand between them and their benefits. Another scenario is the cultivation of cannabis where it will be necessary to maintain good health of the plants in order to increase their production and quality, which will translate into clientele.

Another pillar of the game are the personal relationships that occur in the day to day of this business. And it is also based on getting a proper management of cultivated marijuana.

Maybe some users will miss some action.

Its gameplay lies in clicking on several options in the style of games created for mobile. While on a visual level it looks like comic book vignettes. Those interested in the subject of marijuana will be those who enjoy it most.

The creators of the videogame have also known how to take advantage of the current moment on cannabis in the world. During these last months there have been news of large companies related to cannabis.

For example, the Marlboro brand invested in cannabis and the multinational Novartis closed a deal with Tilray (Canadian company of cannabis products). It has also become topical due to legalization, for recreational or medicinal consumption, produced in many US states or in other countries of the world such as Canada, Chile, Uruguay, etc.


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