Top Skills Required to be a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants play an important part in the healthcare field. It’s essential to hone helpful skills in order to succeed in this career.

Whatever type of work you are involved in, you can attest to the fact that studying and training for it is nothing compared to the real deal. Formal education provides theories while training provides application, but the amount of work you have to deal with in the real world can be daunting.

One of the most progressive medical careers nowadays is medical assisting. You can work as one even without being certified as long as you are trained by a medical professional or physician. You just need a high school diploma or GED equivalent to qualify for training. Should you wish to advance in the field you can choose to take up further studies (diploma or associate degree) for up to two years then take the Medical Assisting Certification examination.

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Administrative or Clinical Medical Assisting

As a medical assistant you can perform administrative or clerical duties. Administrative duties include setting up appointments, welcoming patients; answering phone calls, filing patients’ files or records, and ensuring that there are always office and even medical supplies on hand. Clinical medical assisting, on the other hand, usually involves working closely with the physician. He or she takes patients’ vitals, draws blood when needed, updates patients’ records and prepares laboratory tests requests. These are just the usual tasks handed to a medical assistant, but one should always be ready to take in whatever task is needed to be done.

Medical Assisting Skills

In order to perform your duties as a medical assistant to the best of your abilities, you should at least possess the following skills:

  • A medical assistant should have good communication skills. He or she must know how to listen to the patient without interrupting them and understand what they are saying. You should also know the right questions to ask, relevant to what they are in for. This is also important when imparting instructions to the patients and they must be able to understand the instructions.
  • It is important that you possess great administrative skills should you choose to focus on the administrative part of medical assisting. You must be diligent in filing and organizing patients’ records. You might also need to file for insurances and perform bookkeeping so be sure that you can do both as well.
  • You must be dependable. Ensure that you get to the office or clinic on time, and organize all the needed files or records for the day. Remember to always follow procedure.
  • Clinical medical assistants must have in-depth knowledge and extensive training in assisting physicians with whatever needs to be done for and with the patient.
  • You must have presence of mind always – put great importance to details so that you can help your patient better.
  • Another skill a medical assistant needs is being able to multi-task. There are times where you will be asked to do several tasks simultaneously. Be sure that you are capable of handling them.

You should know how to handle stress well especially when the clinic or office gets a little hectic.

The medical assistant career can be rewarding and fulfilling if you know how to do your job well. You must be passionate about what you’re doing and everything will fall into its place.