Pros and Cons of Becoming a Medical Assistant

It is important to look at all angles of a possible career path before you decide to take it. This will help you prepare for any challenges that you may face and allow you to succeed.

We all dream of landing a job that we love. A career where we can do what we want and excel at the same time. But the sad truth is, many people are stuck with a job that they don’t particularly love or even like. Even though we love our work, it can still have its advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to how we cope with it and how we face it.

One of the more in demand jobs nowadays is in the medical field- Medical Assisting. Medical Assisting is a medical career that involves administrative and clinical duties. The road to becoming a medical assistant is not as daunting compared to other careers in the medical field. For starters, you can become one whether you get further studies and certification as long as a medical practitioner is willing and able to train you. The medical assistant job provides career growth and job security among others.

medical assistant

Just like any other jobs, there are also pros and cons to being a medical assistant. It is advisable for those seeking a career in medical assisting should at least take this into consideration to get a glimpse of what the life of a medical assistant is like.

Advantages of a Becoming a Medical Assistant

  • There is a high demand for medical assistants across the country. It will give you job security and career opportunities.
  • Most medical assistants work in a physician’s office or clinic, which is a comfortable environment to work in.
  • You get to help others in need of medical care. You may not be a doctor or nurse, but you still get to reach out to patients and make them comfortable.
  • Medical assistants can work part time or full time allowing for flexibility. It can fit your schedules if you are still in school or doing other things.
  • Although you are not a doctor or nurse, you are still an important part of a medical team.
  • It is a rewarding career being able to console or make patients comfortable while waiting for the doctor.

Drawbacks of a Medical Assisting Career

  • The work can be tiring especially if you work in a hospital or other healthcare facilities such as nursing home.
  • Sometimes you have to perform both administrative and clinical duties, which can be stressful and overwhelming.
  • Most clinics have operating hours, but sometimes a medical assistant has to work overtime just to attend to demanding patients.
  • If you are not certified, you are paid less than those who are. And there are states and institutions that pay more than others.

These are just some of the pros and cons of becoming a medical assistant. It is important that you think about your options thoroughly to make sure you are committed to pursuing your medical career.