Preparing for Medical Assistant Job Interview

As with any job interview, those who are applying for medical assisting jobs should prepare in advance to increase their chances of getting hired.

Now that you’ve graduated from your Medical Assistant course, the next step would be to get certified. Although you can already apply for a Medical Assistant job even without certification, the chances of landing the job may be higher if you are certified. The Medical Assistant career is a highly competitive one. It is progressive and many individuals are leaning towards this medical career.

Whether you are certified or not preparing for your medical assistant job interview is a must. If you really want to get the job you applied for, then you should take time to prepare for the interview. Since the company or employer called you in for an interview means that they saw something in your CV that interests them.

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As with any job interview, an applicant must come prepared. You should know about the company or employer you are applying to. Doing a little background research before you come in for the interview will be helpful to you. It will show your prospective employer that you are interested in being part of the company. It would also help you to ask previous employees or current ones about the work environment. It would be wise to prepare questions for the interviewer as well.

Common Medical Assistant Interview Questions

To put an applicant at ease, an interviewer may start asking common questions that is typical in any interview. This may include:

  • Tell me about yourself

    This is a rather simple question but you should be on guard about what you share with your interviewer. He doesn’t need to know your family history. The interviewer would want to know how you see yourself.

  • What may you decide to become a Medical Assistant?

    The interviewer will want to know what it is that drew you to become a medical assistant.

  • Are you a certified MA?
  • What was your last job like and why did you leave?

    This question should not lead you to answer in a negative way, citing all the bad experiences you had with your previous job. Maybe you can cite one challenging experience briefly then focus your answer on how you turned that around and the lesson you learned from the experience.

These are just some of the questions an applicant must prepare for before coming in for a Medical Assistant job interview. Remember to be yourself. Do not try to oversell yourself or your skills and credentials. And lastly, it is advisable that you have a good night’s rest before the day of the interview.