Medical Assistant Job Outlook

Those looking for a job that reflects ongoing employment growth may want to consider medical assisting.

The current trend in employment shows that finding a stable employment can be challenging. Most graduates find it hard to find employment, no matter how menial the job may be. And since it is also expensive to attend college or university nowadays, high school graduates are drawn more into taking short courses in community colleges or vocational schools.

There is one medical career worth looking into and this is the Medical Assistant job. For the past couple of years, this particular assistant job has grown and forecasts see it keeping on growing. The medical assisting and other healthcare related jobs will be in demand in the years to come. Sources, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, say that the medical assistant’s job is one of the more stable jobs compared to other occupations.

medical assistant

Job Duties of a Medical Assistant

A medical assistant performs administrative and clinical tasks in a physician’s office, hospital or other healthcare facility. As an administrative medical assistant you are in-charge of the front office. It means you are expected to welcome patients as they come, answer phone calls and set-up appointments. You are to update patient’s medical records and file them properly. You are to ensure that there are always enough supplies in the office or clinic.

As a clinical medical assistant you are in constant interaction with the physician and patient. You will take the patient’s vitals and ask about what brought them to the clinic. The physician may also ask you to perform laboratory tests like blood drawing. Knowing how to operate and read medical instruments is also expected of you.

Ways to Become a Medical Assistant

Most employers hire medical assistants who have taken diploma courses or associate are degree in medical assisting and got certified. Medical assistant certification is given to medical assistants who passed the certification examination. Although you can still get a job as a medical assistant without taking the course and getting certified, most employers would choose a certified medical assistant over one who just undergone on-the-job training and has had no formal education.

A medical assistant is considered to be a part of the medical team. And as such, there is always room for growth and advancement. You should always see to it that you are updated on the latest medical trend. It is no secret that medical field is constantly changing and you have to keep abreast of the changes that take place. This will surely make your job outlook more promising.

Medical Assistant Salary

The salary of a medical assistant varies. It is dependent on your location or what state you are practicing, tasks that you perform and your credentials. It certainly makes a difference if you are certified or not. A certified medical assistant’s salary is higher than the one with no certification.