Medical Assistant Certification

Certifications are available for medical assistants who wish to hold a credential that proves their expertise.

If you wish to get into the medical field for the purpose of serving or helping people in need, you don’t have to limit yourself to becoming a nurse or physician. Not to mention, getting into medical school isn’t exactly easy or affordable. The medical field is such a huge field that it is possible to find a career to pursue that doesn’t require you to have a medical degree. You can become a medical assistant. This type of medical career allows you to care for patients, and at the same, you can opt to be in charge of the physician’s office. There are also job opportunities in hospitals and other medical institutions.

The field of medical assistant has been growing and the opportunities are everywhere. Getting into the field can be easy as long as you know what you are getting into. The medical assistant career is a serious job since you are taking care of people in some way.

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If you have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, you can start working as a medical assistant under the training and supervision of a physician. This is the easiest way to get into field. But if you want to advance in your career and get better salary, opportunity and job security, you can get certified as a medical assistant. There are employers and institutions that require certification and training before they hire you as a medical assistant.

How Do You Get Certified?

The American Association for Medical Assistants is one of the governing agencies that provide medical assistant certification. When you pass the exam and provide the other requirements, then you can get certified. It does not matter how good the training or education you received, if you fail the exam you don’t get certified.

Prior to taking the certification exam, you must have gone through some education or training. There are many community colleges and vocational schools offering medical assistant programs. Ensure that the school you choose is accredited. Do your own research regarding the school and the program they are offering, such as how much it costs and the requirements to get into the program.

Medical Assistant Programs

You can choose between a one-year certificate course or program or a two-year associate degree course or program. Of course, the two-year course will give you more in-depth training plus additional courses or subjects that can be useful for you and will give you an edge.

When you’ve graduated from the program, you can now apply for the certification exam. The exam will include, but is not limited to, administrative and clinical theories and applications as well procedures and terminology. There are online practice tests available. You may want to try those out first so you will have a general idea of how the real certification examination will be like.

When you pass the certification examination, the agency that provided the examination, such as the AAMA, will furnish you with the medical assistant certificate. This will enable you to work on various areas in the medical institution you choose to work.